Book Promotion: Get Reviews and Author Interviews with Bloggers

Book Promotion: Get Reviews and Author Interviews with Bloggers

Book promotion and publicity used to be about securing pre-publication reviews in national newspapers and relevant magazines. Now there are literally thousands of media channels, and often highly targeted niche ones, where you can get your book attention, thanks to the plethora of internet bloggers.

The good news is that they are also hungry for relevant content; meaning products and people who are going to appeal to their audience.

Reaching out to bloggers who cover your genre and subject is a great way to get your book noticed, and, unlike newspapers and magazines, these reviews or author interviews never get trashed, and they can often earn you valuable backlinks to your website which will help promote traffic (ask the blogger to include a url link to your website somewhere in the review/interview — this is what’s known as a backlink). And, typically you can get your book reviewed well after the pub date.

So how do you go about finding these bloggers, and once you’ve found them how do you get reviews and interviews?

It’s really pretty simple. At Finish Your Book, we advise our students to Google “Top 50 Blogs” plus their subject area. So, an example Google search would be:

“Top 50 Blogs + Raw Food”

“Top 50 Blogs + Swimming”

Obviously, this is really effective for non-fiction writers and book promoters, but what it you are writing fiction?

In this instance we recommend Googling your fiction genre and trying the search term with the addition of book review or author interviews. So, an example Google search for fiction book reviewers would be:

“Top 50 Blogs + Crime Book Reviews”

“Top 50 Blogs + Romance Author Interviews”

Once you’ve found the list of top 50 bloggers you’ll need to visit their sites, make sure they still exist, explore the level of quality, and learn about how they wish to receive submissions for author interviews or reviews. Then you make contact.

Be sure to send them a snappy and intriguing synopsis of your book, your contact information, a link to your website, or the publisher’s website where they can see further info about your book, and if they request it, either a copy of the book as and ARC, galley or the finished product, either in physical or electronic form, depending on their preference.

The most important part of this entire process is follow-up. Make sure you keep a list or Excel spreadsheet that documents the people you have reached out to, what you sent, and when, then make sure to mark a date on your calender, in two to three weeks time to follow-up with them and hopefully, seal the deal!

Before you go about Googling your Top 50 Bloggers, check out the list below for some examples (if you have any more to add to the list, please email us!):

Beyond the Book:

Writers Life:

Book & Movie Dimension:

Book Blogs:


Ritesh Kala’s Book Reviews –

Writer Interviews:

The Fiction Enthusiast:

Fiona Mcvie at

Jenn Wright at

Maw Books Blog:

Book Sneeze:

Wendy Siefken at

Stewart at

Amy Miles at

Meredith Zeitlin at

Morgen Bailey:

Sylvia Ramsey:

Kate Brauning writes excellent book reviews:


Indies Unlimited:

Finish Your Book

Eri Nelson: Wonderful Reads of the Month –

Teddy Gross on Jewish-themed books –

Jon Bloch:

Sylvia Browder:

Paper Dragon Ink:

Kris Wampler:

Book Promotion: Get Reviews and Author Interviews with Bloggers

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