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 We’ve helped hundreds of students to get clear on their writing, publishing, self-publishing and book promotion goals, and thanks to our classes and one-on-one coaching they’ve been able to get their manuscript finished, book proposal written, an agent secured, and the book successfully published and promoted.

Our students include actresses, healers, entrepreneurs, novelists, numerologists, producers, professors, clothing designers, author’s from all manner of backgrounds, writing in a variety of genre’s, including self-help, memoir, novels, young adult, new age, history, cookbooks and business books.

Below you’ll find a selection of our Finish Your Book author success stories, just click the book’s title to find out more about the author and their book . . .

Something Startling Happens, by Todd KlickSomething Startling Happens: The 120 Story Beats Every Writer Needs to Know

Published by Michael Wiese Productions.

Award-winning screenwriter, producer and author, Todd Klick, is a Director of Story Development in Los Angeles, and co-founder of This is Todd’s first book, but he’s already recognized as a best seller, and Michael Weise Publications, his publisher, have been able to sell the foreign rights for his book in six different territories. Watch out for Todd’s eBook, The Screenwriter’s Fairy Tale: The Universal Story Within All Movie Stories (a very brief fable), which we also advised him on.

Making A Splash! by Mike Taylor

Making A Splash

Self-Published with Intermedia Publishing Group, Inc

History making swimmer, Mike Taylor, is use to going against the odds. However, when it came to finding an agent and selling his memoir about his record-making cross-channel swim he applied the philosophy he’d used during training; find someone who has done it before. And so, Finish Your Book was able to help Mike develop the concept for his book, identify potential targets for writing the foreword, endorsements and to guide him through the challenging task or writing the proposal.

Just 18-months later and Mike will soon be the proud owner of his first book, which comes out under a History Publishing imprint, and the foreword is being written by Olympic Gold Medalist, Duncan Goodhew.

Riding the Alligator: Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing … And Not Getting Eaten

Published by Michael Wiese Productions.

Oscar Nominated Writer & Director, and USC Adjunct Professor, Pen Densham, is responsible for writing and producing some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, along with some of its longest-running television series, such as, The Outer Limits. Pen came to Finish Your Book for help with promotion of his first book, Riding the Alligator, after securing a publishing deal. We helped him get clear on the priorities, the organizations to contact and his web strategy for online and partner promotion.

Pen’s book has since earned him reviews in various screenwriting magazines and websites, radio interviews, invitations to speak on panels at screenwriting seminars, and lots more.

Heart Wisdom: Your Transformational Guide to Living and Loving

Published by The Findhorn Foundation.

Master Healer, Russell Feingold, has, over the last fifteen years personally helped thousands of people including many recognized leaders in the world of spirituality and personal development, such as Debbie Ford, Marcelyne Dyer, Arielle Ford and Andrew Harvey. When Russell first came to Finish Your Book he had an idea for his book and a handful of draft chapters. Working closely with Russell to help him develop the reader experience, the book, a proposal and a promotion plan, Russell quickly became an author of his first book which was published by Findhorn Press in the UK and USA.

Happily Never After, by Dani Katz

Happily Never After: And a Girls Gotta Eat

Status: Represented

Prolific explorer, alternative lifestyle pioneer and freelance journalist, Dani Katz, is renowned for her spicy and thought-provoking articles in LA Weekly, the L.A. Times, Whole Life Times and LA Yoga magazine. Dani first came to a Finish Your Book: The Publishing Path for You class with the intention of self-publishing.

She left with the understanding that a traditional publishing deal would better fit with her goal of becoming a recognized writer. After helping her craft a powerful book proposal Dani’s hilarious account of singledom has been picked up by a west coast literary agent and is well on it’s way to being published.

The Perfect Gentleman's Pocket Guide, by Michael Ferrera The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide

Self-Published by M World Media Publications.

Michael Ferrera is a custom clothier, CEO of Michael Ferrera Clothing and he’s worked in the fashion industry for ten years. Michael first came to Finish Your Book for one-on-one coaching because he was unsure if he should go the traditional or self-publishing route.

After getting clear on his objectives, available resources and product aims, Michael realized the self-publishing route would be right for him. With guidance from Finish Your Book, Michael was able to copyright his work, set up the meta data, design an appealing cover and identify printers and distributors that suited his budget.

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